viernes, 23 de junio de 2017


 I would like to go to Japan because it's a really beautiful country, it is modern but ancient at the same time, what I would prefer to do is to eat the traditional food there, like sushi, which I like a lot. I think I enjoy these places, which are old but new at the same time, it's really an intriguing mixture that leaves wanting more.
Most people I know would rather travel to England or USA, but I really like Japan so I wanna go there. If I manage to travel to Japan, I would like to do it with my family, my friends...
. I'm sure they would rather watch all the temples and ancient castles but what I would really enjoy the most is visiting the capital, Tokyo and stock up on a lot of electronic gadgets which are unique in Japan. Oh, I would really like to go there someday!. 
This is the story of Camilo, a very lazy boy, he doesnt like to follow the rules, her mother always says to him: you must do your homeworks, and you must study for your exams too, but he is disobedient and he doesnt do it, because of that his mom is very sad, she decides to talk to her friend and she says to her: you must talk to him and force him to obey, i have a daughter and it really works.

Carolina is a beautiful girl, he has a sickness but he doesnt know it, she feels sick but she doesnt want to tell anybody, her friends have seen a very extrange behavior on her, they decide to ask her and she tell them, they say to her: you should say to your mom, she helps you, and if you feel bad you should go to the doctor, or if you dont want to you should take a pill, finally she decided to tell her mom, they go to the doctor and he says to her: you have tonsilitis, i will have to operate on you, do you agree? and she accepted

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